A school’s objectives for its graduates are reflected in what the school chooses to evaluate and how those evaluations are made. At Zaragoza Schoolhouse we seek a holistic view of the child, that includes the virtues and skills we find to be most important to cultivate and develop. The ZSH evaluation has two parts: a descriptive narrative of the social, emotional and academic progress of the child, and a rubric of virtues/strengths, and skills. They are based on careful observations and ongoing assessments of the child and his/her work.

Ongoing assessments are designed to track the child’s progress in all areas. We put great emphasis on assessing each child’s progress in the skill of learning to learn. The ability to learn supports the four major life skills: the ability to do, the ability to know, the ability to be in community, and the ability to be in the world. At Zaragoza Schoolhouse we teach children how to learn.