The choice of school is a very personal decision. Parents should think carefully about selecting a school for their son or daughter. If you are considering choose Zaragoza SchoolHouse, you should have a broad knowledge of Montessori Pedagogy and the overall educational project of our school.

Before inviting a family to form part of Zaragoza SchoolHouse we must evaluate closely whether the child and the family will be a good fit for the school. Montessori education is different in fundamental ways from the Spanish traditional school system and we must be sure that parents fully understand and support those differences. We must determine whether the child will be happy and thrive in the Montessori classroom. To this end there are several criteria we take into consideration with each applicant.

Criteria for families wishing to enroll their child:

–  Parents must thoroughly understand the mission and method of Zaragoza SchoolHouse. 

– Parents must desire to make a long-term (at least three-year cycle) commitment to a Montessori education. 

– Parents must understand the importance of the school-parent partnership, and support and participate in said partnership. 

Our admissions process at Zaragoza SchoolHouse is designed to provide parents with sufficient information to determine if our school would be a good fit for your child and your family.

Admissions procedure

Talk with us, meet with us, visit us to find out if Zaragoza SchoolHouse is the place for you and your child.

  1. If you think it is, complete the Waiting list application form either online or by posting a copy back to Zaragoza SchoolHouse. Please note that entering your child’s name on the waiting list does not guarantee a place.
  2. We will then invite you, and your child, to visit Zaragoza SchoolHouse so that we can get to know each other.
  3. Subject to a place being available, we will then send you a letter confirming whether or not we have been able to offer your child a place.
  4. In order to secure your place, you must send us a written letter of acceptance together with the enrolment and a completed Child’s Health form.

Places will be offered to children in order of priority:

  1. Age appropriate
  2. Siblings of children already at Zaragoza SchoolHouse
  3. Parents who intend to keep their child in the school until age 12.
  4. Date of registration on the waiting list


Any questions during the admission process may be directed to:

Teresa Benito, Head of School, at or call +34 976 580 452