Nido is a peaceful, loving place where babies can explore and feel secure. Teachers speak in gentle tones, the daily pace is unhurried, and décor is understated and homelike. Each child in our care is an individual to be nurtured with affection and respect. As is customary for Montessori environments, every detail is selected with the child’s whole development in mind.

Each of our infant rooms welcomes children as young as 10 months of age. Our prepared environments have developmentally appropriate material and activities that support the child through each stage of infant growth. Because we “follow the child,” we provide a variety of environments where infants can explore based upon her curiosity and mobility, not just her age.




The age range for our infant program is from 10 montsh weeks to 17 months. After the age of 18 months a child may begin his transition to the toddler program. Move-up ages may vary by several months. Please note that space availability is also a factor.


nido environments have a maximum of 6 infants and 1 adult.




nido – Royo 9-11.