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Global perspective

One of the objectives of Zaragoza SchoolHouse is to grow children prepared for the society in which they are inserted, and in which the knowledge of different languages and cultures are necessary. Therefore, since the beginning of the project in 2013, English has been present in the classroom.

In each classroom, within the language area there is one or more shelves with the organization of all the materials needed to develop the English language curriculum for each age group. The progress of language acquisition (in any language) follows the path established by María Montessori for the area of ​​language: recognition of sounds and speech, writing and reading.

In our center, for the majority of the students, English has hardly any presence at home, so the classroom is the only time it is received. To increase the presence of the second language at home and promote an emotional connection (if my parents are interested in me too), familiarization (not only talk at school) and vocabulary acquisition (I listen to vocabulary more times) throughout this course you want to offer:

  • Library of loan of books in English by levels, for those children who are beginning or who already read in English
  • Book Fair in English
  • Activities in English extracurricular: theater …
  • Storytelling

In addition, the learning of a language is closely connected with the learning of its culture and the knowledge of other social and cultural contexts. For this, throughout the course we propose different days and situations that allow to connect with the English language and also have connection with the culture of the school and Montessori, such as:

  • Pancake Day
  • Tea time
  • talks and visits from English / American parents / visitors … to know the country and the cultural context