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Enroll your child

Step 1: Sign up for a tour and request additional information

Visit our school and understand programs, schedules, and tuition. A visit is the only way to really find out whether a school is right for you.
Jornadas de Puertas abiertas para familias interesadas en conocer el proyecto educativo: 
  • 8 de febrero: Casa de niños y niñas (nacidos en 2014, 2015 y 2016)
  • 12 de febrero: Bebés y Comunidad Infantil (de 6 a 36 meses; nacidos en 2017, 2018 y 2019)
  • 15 de febrero: Taller (de 6 a 12 años, nacidos entre 2013 y 2009)

El número de plazas es limitado, agradecemos inscripción previa en el siguiente enlace:


Step 2: Discuss availability to waitlist or enroll

When you tour, we’ll discuss enrollment timelines with you:

Near-term and mid-year enrollment. We enroll year-round when there is a match between a spot and a child (timing, age, gender, previous Montessori experience, language skills, etc.) If there’s a match between your child, your timeline, and an opening, you may receive an enrollment offer during or soon after your tour.

Waitlist for school-year starts and future mid-year openings. If you are planning ahead or looking to enroll for the next school year, you can place your child on our waitlist/applicant pool.

Step 3: Additional steps

In certain cases, we may ask for additional information before making an enrollment decision:

  • Children who will be five or older when starting with Zaragoza SchoolHouse. Children joining Montessori for Children’s House or Elementary are invited for an assessment visit, to ensure our program is a good fit. Visits last from an hour to half a day, depending on the child, school, and program. Transcripts are also required for Elementary.
  • Children with special needs. To ensure we can serve all children well, we ask that you raise any (suspected) special needs with us during your tour. Depending on the need (which can be anything from food allergies, to diabetes, to speech delays, or other learning challenges), we may ask your child to visit before offering enrollment, or request additional information from a treating physician.

For all children, once you complete the enrollment application and pay the tuition deposit to secure your spot, you need to complete an enrollment package. It covers items ranging from food preferences to vaccination reports and emergency contact and pick-up authorizations.