Zaragoza SchoolHouse

(12-13 years old)

Welcome to the first International Montessori Secondary School programme in Aragon.

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Our Secondary programme enables students to incorporate new knowledge in a deep and sequential way, while strengthening their experience as individuals and citizens living in community. 

Academic learning with the Montessori method takes place in parallel in three areas:

  • Direct and intuitive handling
  • Regular practice and individual study
  • Collective subject presentations by the teacher as academic social events that lead to active and interested learning.

The Zaragoza SchoolHouse programme officially incorporates the contents of Compulsory Secondary Education, while at the same time expanding the teaching resources to ensure the appropriation of the content by the students. We have a reduced ratio, a higher degree of teacher qualification and a greater number of weekly working hours dedicated to the fundamental subjects: mathematics, science and language.

In addition, at Zaragoza SchoolHouse we provide our students with a real experience of citizenship. We work in depth on the construction of personal dignity and the dignity of others, as well as the development of their social skills through co-responsibility and participation in school micro-enterprises.


In our Montessori environment, adolescents establish their knowledge, acquire the academic competence necessary for their development, discover new interests and test their own motivations.
In addition, they gain access to a real citizenship experience that allows them to train their social skills in both a local and international context.


Academic teaching with individualised and rigorous tutoring

Applied Occupations

Applied communityservice activities , volunteerism and micro-economics


Artistic training and expression: visual arts, music and writing

Our Secondary programme includes:

  • Full day programme: extended hours from 9 am to 4 pm
  • Individual tutoring: Weekly tutoring and academic guidance with students
  • English based teaching: English is the vehicular language of communication and 50% of teaching.
  • Excellence Academics: official academic curriculum in a personalised format, with extended hours in mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as a solid offer in music, art, programming and languages.
  • Kultur-Kinder: emphasis on artistic training by specialists and cultural enrichment activities inside and outside the centre.
  • Micro-Economics Internships: micro-economicsinternships where students themselves develop applied planning, production and project management activities.
  • Community Service: community and voluntary work
  • Latin and Philosophy: from the 1st year of ESO as part of a holistic student education programme
  • Computer Sciences: computational thinking supports the study of mathematics and the sciences

Montessori Student Exchange Opportunities

At Zaragoza SchoolHouse our aim is to prepare students for international exchanges with other Montessori schools. Our programme is international and trilingual (English, Spanish and French), where at least 50% of the content is taught in English. The multilingual environment allows them to continue their academic development in international Baccalaureate programmes, thus facilitating access to universities in different countries.

Montessori adolescents are part of a global educational movement that aims to have a positive impact on society and promote sustainable development. 

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Library space

Common duties

Musical Combo

Theatre space - Drama

Comic and drawing space

Cineclub - films, documentaries

Reading Club and literary gatherings in Spanish and English

Creative writing space: short stories, novels, etc.

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